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Get your digital brand value from more than 10 million data records for free!

Get more information about your digital branding in no time with our innovative brand value calculation. Thousands of companies are already there and have had their digital brand value calculated. What are you waiting for?

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This is how DigiBrand works

DigiBrand combines and evaluates relevant online factors and calculates the digital brand value of your company. This gives you an objective assessment of your digital brand value for a variety of applications and free of charge!

  1. Open Quickcheck - Enter URL
  2. Fill in the company name and size
  3. E-mail address for sending the report
Complete! You will receive the evaluation and calculation by email in a few minutes.
Brand value

This is DigiBrand

  • Objective assessment of your digital brand value
  • Processing of up to 50 relevant online brand assets
  • Data pool of over 10 million data records
  • Including benchmark comparison with companies in your industry and size
  • Easy interpretation of the data with explanation

Look at the sample evaluation as pdf file >>
Evaluation of digital brand value

What can DigiBrand?

DigiBrand makes it possible to provide information about the status of the digital brand value development at any time and thus also provides important information on where measures need to be improved. The visualization of the success of the digital marketing measures makes it easier to rate a company. With DigiBrand it is now possible to include a meaningful evaluation of the digital brand in the company value.

For whom is DigiBrand?

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For sole proprietorship

As a sole proprietorship, you don't often have the time to create comprehensive analyzes yourself from a large number of digital marketing data. DigiBrand is a valuable tool here, because it gives you an objective assessment of the digital brand value of your company, including a benchmark. In this way you can measure the success of your online measures quickly and easily.
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For small and medium-sized companies

As a small and medium-sized business owner, DigiBrand gives you a helpful tool that allows you to quickly and easily calculate your digital brand value with a mouse click. This gives you a meaningful assessment of the impact of your online measures and a basis for their optimization.
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Für consultants & experts

As a consultant or other expert, DigiBrand provides you with an objective and independent index for measuring the digital brand value of your customers. You can compare the values and better assess the value of your customers' online measures. DigiBrand saves you the expensive creation of your own analyzes, for which extensive online know-how and a lot of time and research would be necessary.

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